Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 It's FALL!!!!

Hey ya’ll this is the Wilbur man coming at you in all my bastardness!!  Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I have been busy, Taylor has been busy, but I think you can replace “busy” with lazy and that might sum it up better…..  Don’t lose hope though, because fall is finally here and these hot days should be gone for a little bit!!
This week Taylor surprised me with a new collar!!  He has been talking about getting me one of those air collars for a long time, and he finally broke down and purchased it for me.  I have been instructed that I am not to lose this collar, like I have done with the others….
Another development is brewing, through taking me to the dog park Taylor was able to be hooked up with a local brewing organization, and he is going to try his hands at making his own beer.  It all sounds exciting, only problem is I have no desire to drink any beer, and could care less.  This entire beer making ordeal is going to take time away from hanging out with me, which I am not cool with, but in the end maybe it will bring more friends over to the house, and more people for me to show off how good of a bastard I am!!!
So I touched on this above a little bit but today marks the first day of Autumn, which is much deserved after this summer took after me, and was a real bastard……  The cooler is much welcomed though; I have been able to go to the dog park for a longer period of time, and more often!!  At this point I would like to reflect on my summer.  It’s been a fun one!!  Got to make several different friends, Burden, Moose, Tucker, Liberty, April, Sansa, and countless other dogs at the park!!  I also learned a valuable life lesson, I know how to swim!!  Except the art of jumping off the dock like Jake and Cooper is a skill I do not posses….  I tried, and sunk like a rock, and then everybody laughed at me…..  This summer I got to spend a whole week at grandma and grandpa’s house while Taylor was in Colorado, and had a lot of fun with Jake (Mr. Wigglebottom) and Cooper (Stinker pot)!!  I also got to take a long ride to Des Moines for Taylor to pick up that kayak, and remember all the fun of the pool parties!!
That’s all I got for the day.  Once again sorry for the long delay, I promise to make more post, and not leave you guys hanging.  Until next time, this is Wilbur signing off and saying goodbye (in the AOL voice).

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th, 2011

Good afternoon/evening/morning (depending on when you read this) this is Wilbur coming at you for another round of my bastard blog!!  Sorry for not writing a post last week, I do have a valid excuse, which I will go into more detail about.  It’s been a great week for me with SEVERAL trips to the dog part, and a lot of special attention!!
Let me start by explaining why I was not able to make a post last week.  If you read my previous post I stated that Taylor has taken up the hobby of geocaching, well last week he thought it would be a good idea to bring me along (but when is that ever a bad idea?).  We went WAY north to find this particular cach and walked through the woods in order to locate it.  On the drive home Taylor noticed that he had some type of mite/chigger crawling all over both of his legs.  We raced home as fast as we could and Taylor took a long shower to clean himself off along with washing his clothes.  He then proceeded to do a full inspection on me to see if somehow these blasted bugs found their way to me.  I looked to have none and Taylor let out a long sigh of relief, that was until he came home the next day to see my face looking like it was hit by a bus, or you can imagine a baseball bat if you prefer.  The picture below is how I looked during the worse of it all (pretty graphic, isn’t it?).  After calling the vet, taking LOTS of Benadryl, receiving too many baths, wearing a flea/tick collar, and having some type of chemical placed down my back, I am happy to report that I am mite/chigger free!!  Last week was rough; I was feeling so miserable that writing a weekly blog was very low on my list.  Taylor wanted to complain about all his bug bites, but I think my face takes the cake on how bad this situation was, and leaves little room for Taylor to complain.  The moral of the story is if Taylor gets bugs, then the bastard I am will get bugs too.
After getting those mites/chiggers Taylor placed me on quarantine, and would not allow me around other dogs, so I got no dog park, or the chance to play with Moose or Kimo all last week.  Taylor was nice to me this week and took me out to the park three different times!!  He did have to pay a price though, because I lost my second collar in less than three months….  After being quarantined for a week, that first day at the park felt like heaven!!  I don’t think I have bayed that much in a LONG time, and I also could not think of a better way to spend my week!!
Now for some updates….  I wish I had an update on the Rover watch, but because of my mites/chiggers I have not had a chance to spy on him, so whatever sneaky plan he is evolving has gone unnoticed, which scares me to death.  The geocash that I’m supposed to hide was placed on hold of the same reason, I hope to have more information on both of these issues next week, so please don’t lose faith!!
That’s all I have for right now, I know things have gotten busy in Lawrence again because it seems summer is over and the school has started, which means there will be more people downtown to pet me when we go on walks!!  Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch everybody next time!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12th, 2011

Howdy everybody!!  This is the one and only bastard in the land Wilbur coming at you for another round of my bastard blog!!  Sorry for not doing a post the last few weeks, but to be honest I had NOTHING to blog about.  It’s been so hot around here that I have not really got the chance to do much of anything but hang around the house, and pancake myself on the tile floors.  Enough about me complaining about the weather, we must push onward to the new post!!
I am going to start with the most exciting news first!!  As you can tell Taylor and Kt are big dog fans, I mean they have both put up with me for awhile now, and then putting up with Moose, well let’s just say they both have a world of patience.  If Moose, Kimo, and I were not enough trouble, they decided to foster yet another dog!!  His name is Reggie, he is about 8 months old, and is a Boston Terrier mix.  He was living in the not so best of situations, when he came home he had fleas, was completely untrained, and was scared of almost everything.  As soon as they got him home Taylor and Kt fixed the flea problem, and have been working on socialization, and training.  From what I can tell Reggie has come a long way, he’s better behaved, has NO fleas, and is doing extremely well on his training.  I’m not going to lie, I’m always a bit cautious when it comes to a new dog entering our pack, but this guy fit right in!!  The good news is only a few days after fostering Reggie they were able to find him a home!!  He is now living the rock star life with one of the band members of The Dead Girls!!  He’s a lot of fun, and as much as I wish he could stay with us, I even more relived that he found great home!!   The good news is due to prior arrangements his new owner is going to be gone for the weekend, which means that Taylor and Kt are going to be watching Reggie all weekend, can we say play time!!!
Now I have got to update you on the Rover watch, and what that crazy cat is up to.  I found out some information that will shock everybody…..  Rover is set on world domination, and as we speak he is working with an underground organization that’s main goal is to wipe the earth of any dog.  Just look at that picture, he is watching me like a hawk.  I’m not sure the name, or how big this group is, but what is clear is that there is a large amount of trouble brewing….  As I find out more facts I’ll keep everybody informed!!
Taylor has always wanted to take up the hobby of Geocaching , and ended up going out last night for the first time.  I’m not sure if everybody knows what that is, but as Taylor has described it to me, it’s like a big scavenger hunt, just like Taylor does every so often when he has to go find all my toys I have hidden scattered through the yard.   If you want more info on this feel free to click here, which will take you to the geocaching website.  I’m a bit upset at Taylor though, last night when he went out, he left me at home.  I thought my nose would be good for finding things, but I guess Taylor thought different.  I would hold a grudge, except Taylor has made a promise to me which I’m really excited about!!  He has decided to let me put my very own cach at the dog park!!  He’s going to let me pick the location and everything!!  So keep an eye out for Wilbur’s Bastard Catch, I’ll make sure to blog about it, but also in the very near future you will be able to find it on the geocaching website!!  Stay posted for more info!!
I really wish I had more to blog about, but these 100+ degree days have really limited the amount of activities that I have been able to do.  We have been keeping the pool parties going, and lots of wrestling in the backyard, but the dog park and walks downtown have been halted.  Taylor has informed me that the weather is supposed to be cooler for the next week, and has promised me several trips to the dog park, and even more walks downtown!!  Until next time try to stay cool everybody!!
P.S. I think this  picture sums up how everybody feels when you have a bad day…..

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011 It's $#^*ing HOT!!

This is Wilbes coming at you from the hotter than hell (literally) steam pot known as the Midwest.  Boy it’s been awhile since I posted, sorry to keep everybody waiting so long….  This vacation thing that Taylor took last week really screwed up my posting schedule, and as a result I missed two weeks in a row.  I know I’m a terrible blogger, but hey I was on a vacation of my own at the time, so don’t be hating….
Where to start with everything??  There has been quite a bit that has happened in the two weeks since I last clued anybody in on my daily adventures.  First I gotta comment on the picture above, that’s my car, or correction Taylor’s car (still with this ownership issue) stuck on the side of a mountain.  He said that he was looking for a lake to kayak in when he got stuck, I’m not sure if I buy this excuse, but what it all boils down to is the fact bad things will happen when you leave me to go on vacation!!
Enough about Taylor’s vacation though, mountains so what…..  I spent the whole week with the grandparents, which if you are not aware sits on 5 acres and is located in the boonies!!  I was able to play with Jake and Cooper nonstop, and learned a few new “tricks” as grandma puts it.  If you don’t know Jake and Cooper are both Labs which means they love to swim.  I have a love/hate relationship with swimming, it’s all gravy until my ears get wet, then I’m over it.  Well these jolly chaps (Jake and Cooper) were able to teach me the art of swimming, and that just because my ears are in the water does not mean the earth is coming to an end.  I also learned the art of using the squeakers provided in the dog toys that we had to play with.  I plan on using this ne ability to annoy Taylor as much as possible!!  I can’t complain too much about my vacation, I was fed, got lots of exercise, and was able to add new talents to my arsenal of already amazingness.
The current week has had its ups and downs; this nasty heat wave has been a HUGE downer.  It has been the direct result to NO dog park visits, and only late night walks downtown.  Now before you go cursing Taylor and talking about how bad he is to me and how I get no exercise, we have made up for the lack of park visits with pool parties at Kt’s!!!  Kimo, Moose, and I have been enjoying the shade in the back yard and resting and playing in the pool.  On a few occasions there has been some more friends join us for an all out dog pool party!!  I can’t think of a better way to beat this heat!! 
Now for an update on the Rover watch, I have been watching that sneaky bastard!!  He thinks he has everybody fooled, but I can see right through him, like a crazy person wearing saran wrap, he’s nuts….  Every time I visit Kt’s house he’s always sitting there on the back of the couch, but I know he is waiting for the moment, to pounce on me, because I know once I’m out of the way there is little stopping him for total and complete world domination.
Well that is my last few weeks summed up in a few paragraphs; let me see if I covered everything, vacation, pool parties, and Rover.  Yep that’s a wrap!!  Hope everybody is keeping cool during these dog days of summer, and don’t hound me about using this phrase, I’m a dog, and I know exactly what it means.  Everybody take care until next week!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011 BAAAAAAAAMMMMM IT'S THE 4th!!!

Well hello everybody!!  Thank you for stopping by my bastard blog and reading this installment!!  It’s been HOT in Lawrence, but I hear it’s hot in TooooPeeeeKaaaaaa as well……  As a result my times at the dog park have been cut short, and my time outside has been limited, but enough of me complaining, onto the blog!!

Usually I would give you an update on Tim’s landscaping adventure, but there really has not been any progress this week, so I’ll tell you about the bunnies instead.  This all started and finished with my good buddy Moose.  Now take note I was not present for any of this, but trust me, if I was there I would have done the same, and this story was passed onto me from the all knowing Kimo.  *DISCLAIMER* no bunnies were killed in this story.  It all started when Kimo found a bunny nest in the backyard, dug it up, and started a nice barking session directed towards the bunnies (even bunnies have to know who the top dog is).  Through the next few days Kt did her best to keep the nest a mystery to Moose, but on Saturday night Moose found the nest, and now that very same nest is empty…..  Kt let Moose outside Saturday evening, and upon her not coming back to the door, Kt decided to head to the backyard and see what was going on.  To her horror she found Moose with a bunny hanging out of her mouth, and through the night Moose kept finding more bunnies.  When all was said and done on Saturday night Moose had found every bunny in the nest, and Kt got the wonderful pleasure of rescuing all of them.  Now we go to Sunday, and what bunnies didn’t leave through the night, Moose once again found.  The good news is that Taylor and Kt’s friend Egypt was visiting, and agreed to take the bunny back to her place in Osage, thus adverting disaster from striking again.  That’s about all there is to the bunny story; it has earned Moose the nick name of the Bunny Slayer, but she still thinks she’s a princess……
This week has been a rough one for Kt, she has not been feeling well, and as a result Wednesday night/Thursday morning she found herself in the Emergency Room.   According to Taylor she had a sinus infection that decided to settle into her lungs, making it hard for her to breathe.  The visit to the ER did her well though; Taylor says she is feeling better, which makes me happy, because I don’t want any more delays in getting the wolf pack to the dog park!!  I will be nice and go on the record to say “get to feeling better Kt, park visits are not the same without you!!!”
Now I want to start a new segment of the Bastard Blog that I’ll update from time to time, whenever an encounter happens.  This installment will be called the Rover watch!!  Pictured below is my arch nemesis named Rover, he looks relaxed and harmless, but don’t be fooled, it’s a trap, he is anything but!!  Whenever you are not looking he’ll stick his head in your water glass, steal all the attention in the room, and swat at you with some rather sharp claws.  This week on Monday I got the chance to hang around this evil doer, I did keep a close watch on him, and as a result nothing bad happened, but I hate to think of what could of happened if I was not there……  Keep your eyes peeled for this foe, he comes off as cute and cuddly, but once again, he is NOT!!!
That’s all I got for you this week, sorry if this was cut short.  I also wanted to let everybody know that since Taylor will be in Colorado next week, he won’t have time to put my blog on the internet(lousy excuse, I know).  So I wanted to say sorry in advance.  There is a holiday around the corner, and my last photo sums everything up!!  Happy 4th everybody!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24th, 2011

How goes it everybody?  This is Wilbur the #1 bastard in all the land, once again coming at you from the sunny Lawrence, Kansas, where the weather has been absolutely stunning the past few days!!  All last week it was hot, sticky, muggy, and lots of storms and rain.  This week has been a 180 degree flip, it’s been cooler, no humidity, and pleasant to be outside.
Like the past few weeks I’ll start out with Tim’s landscaping adventure.  It is slowly drawing to a close!!  The grass in the backyard is coming in, and the sod in the front yard is sucking up all the water Tim puts on it.  The tree that was slowly dying has been cut out, which means my backyard seems a lot bigger than it used to be!!  The only issue we have been having, (I don’t think it’s that much of an issue) is the fence where they had to drive the loader through keeps falling down with all the storms that have been coming through.  Tim keeps fixing it, but I prefer it to be on the ground, make my escaping quite a bit easier!!
With the cooler weather Taylor has been taking me downtown, and to the dog park for longer periods of time, which you don’t see me complaining about at all!!  Just yesterday Taylor and Kt took all of us (Kimo, Moose, and I) on a long walk downtown.  It was a bit rough at first, I mean I had to be the top dog and walk in front of everybody, but after a little bit of walking, and some strict words from both Kt and Taylor, we all settled down and had a nice walk!!  This walk downtown turned out to be of epic proportions!!  Most everybody we came across made a comment about the pack of dogs downtown, then every so often we had to stop, because somebody wanted to put us.  I didn’t complain about any of it, because I’m a sucker for all the attention anybody wants to give to me.  I got the chance to be the dinner entertainment for one family that was having a nice dinner outside.  I’m not sure what is so special about a bloodhound baying, but every time Taylor asked me to bay it was met with applause and laughter.  By the time it was all said and done we had quite the crowd around us, and Moose and Kimo were soaking up all the attention we brought upon ourselves. 
The trips to the dog park have been all kinds of fun this week!!  There have been so many different friends to meet out there.  I guess all this nice weather has brought out everybody from their nice comfy air conditioned houses.  On average Taylor has been letting me say there for 2-3 hours, which this hound dog will never complain about.  We did attempt to go to the North Lawrence dog park on Monday, and after being there for only 10 minutes, Taylor and Kt each received about 20 mosquito bites, so we promptly left the area, and Taylor took me to the normal park across town.
If anybody recalls from last week, I blogged about how Kimo was not feeling well.  I’m happy to say that he has made a recovery, not quite 100% but he is better, and he was able to join Moose and I on all of our adventures this week!!
That’s all I got for everybody this week.  I think this weekend I’m going to be taking it easy, and laughing at the fact that Taylor is going to be using a lot of his energy trying to push that kayak around a lake.  Until next time, take care!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th, 2011 Father's Day is soon

Hello everybody!!  This is the Wilburnator coming at you from the always wonderful Lawrence, Kansas!!  Sorry I didn’t write a blog last week, Taylor got me excited for a trip to Iowa, in which I spent my free time (that I usually use to write my blog) trying to find different ways that I could annoy everybody on the drive, but I’ll talk more about this later.
I first wanted to give everybody an update on the landscaping project that Tim has going on in the back yard.  It is all done for the most part, all the annoying rocks, and plants have been taken out, and new grass planted.  Now there is more room for me to run around, and I am able to continue playing the game “everything in the house looks better outdoors.”  I have also been doing some of my own landscaping on the side, digging various holes, and burying bones in the backyard.  Tim is less fond of these actions, but I think it really pulls the whole backyard together, and there is nothing better than a hounds touch!!
This last weekend I was able to take a drive to Iowa with Taylor.  He has decided to get into the sport of kayaking, and through the wonderful site of Craigslist he was able to locate a good deal on one in Des Moines.  I first wanted to state that I am a fan of Craigslist, this site is how Taylor found me, and was able to give me a new home!!  I am indifferent about this whole “kayak” thing, it did score me a free car ride to Des Moines, which was VERY long, and I was able to have maximum floppage by hanging my head out the window.  Then on the other hand, when Taylor goes to take this kayak out, I get left behind at home, because he does not trust me to run around the lake without his supervision.  Then to top it all off Taylor and Kt are going on a trip to Colorado to use these kayaks the first part of July.  I’m really not sure about this one, because that means I gotta stay at home for a week, don’t get me wrong I enjoy hanging with Tim and Ash, but c’mon we are talking about Colorado here, mountains, rivers, animals, smells, and more smells, and I’m going to be left at home.  NOT FAIR!! 
Yesterday we had a bit of a scare, the “little man” Kimo is not feeling so hot.  He has a rash which has caused him to not be able to hold down water, shiver, and be in enough pain to cry when anybody picks him up.  Kt and the vet think it could be poison ivy that he picked up from the dog park since he is so low to the ground.  She almost had to rush him to an emergency vet last night, but luckily his symptoms calmed down, and that was not needed.  It’s scary when a good friend get sick, because we don’t want to lose any numbers in our wolf-pack, to sum it up I’m trying to say get well soon Kimo!!
Welp, that’s about all that I have for everybody this week.  This weekend is father’s day, so everybody be nice to your dad.  I know I plan on giving Taylor every bit of attention I can, until he is annoyed and tells me to leave him alone!!  Have a good week, and I’ll catch everybody on the flip side!

Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd, 2011 DA FLOOD IS COMING!!!

Hello everybody!!  This is the Wilburto coming at you from the flood lands of North Lawrence.  You heard me right, I said flood.  I’ll divulge more about this as you read on, but we might have a longer blog on our hands today, because there is quite a bit to talk about.  This bloodhound has been busy, or rather Taylor has been keeping me that way!

Where do I start on this week…..  The best place might be what is going on right now.  Tim has decided to do some landscaping in our backyard.  Now I’m not sure why he is doing this, that backyard has been a work in progress of mine for awhile.  I was just getting it looking the way it should, when Tim has this dude come in with a bobcat and he started tearing up everything.  Now I have mounds of dirt in my backyard, which I have been doing my best to dig up, and move, but when the mound is about 10’ tall, this is a chore that might take awhile.

 Remember the last blog or so when I talked about my new friend Walter?  If not, go back and read, he’s my English Bulldog friend!!  Well his summer camp has officially ended, and  Kt’s father came and picked him up this week.  It was sad to see him go, but Kt’s dad has promised to bring him back to visit from time to time.

Now for the BIG news, dun dUN DUN!!!  I want to introduce everybody to Moose!!  She is a Great Dane mix, Taylor and Kt rescued her from Emporia on Memorial Day.  She is a very sweet girl, and still a puppy, 8 months to be exact.   She is a great replacement for Walter, many of you didn’t know, but Walter’s skin allergies prevented him from ever going to the dog park, which made our visits limited to only Kimo and I.  Now that we have this young pup running around, all three of us are able to start whatever riot we want!!

Now let’s get to this flooding issue I mentioned earlier.  Yesterday Taylor and Kt decided to take all three of us to the North Lawrence dog park.  I have mentioned this one in the past, it’s where Ash and Taylor usually play disc golf, and cart me around.  We get there and the Kansas River is really high, I mean like over the banks high.  The water was rushing, and the current seemed pretty strong.  I did test this current every chance that I got, but never got to crazy, because let’s face it, if my ears get wet, not only am I really upset, but I’m done trying as well.  We splashed around the dog park for awhile, but when Kt and Taylor noticed that the water levels were rising, and even the places that should not be filled with water, were full, they decided it was time to leave.  We all know how us dogs can react when we are being pulled away from our fun, and it’s not a pleasant sight.  While walking back to the car Moose decided to test the waters a bit, and fell into the raging river!!  To her luck Kt happened to be paying close attention, and helped pull her out of the water.  It sure was a scare to us all, and even more with her being a pup, and so new to our pack.  The rest of the evening was spent in the back yard, where it was dry, and nobody was able to scare Kt and Taylor anymore.

This weekend should be fun Taylor and Kt are planning a camping trip, which means this hound gets to sleep outside!!  They are not quite sure where we are going yet, but that does not matter to me.  Welp, until next week, this is Wilbur signing out, everybody have a good week!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27th, 2011

Good afternoon/evening/morning (depending on when you read this) to everybody!  This is Wilbur coming at you for my weekly blog, in which I inform everybody about how my week has been. 
I’ll start off with the weather, and just how much it’s irking me off.  All these storms have been cramping my plans of going for walks, and visits to the dog park.  Even today it’s raining, or at least it looks like it could start at any minute.  So I’ll go ahead and apologize in advanced because this is another blog that might be short and boring.  Also I’ll apologize for all the photos of me sleeping, but what else is a hound to do when it’s raining and nasty out?
I want to express my concerns and sorrows for all the people in the Joplin area that went through that tragic tornado last weekend.  Though I love Mother Nature (in fact the new game I have been playing with Tim is called “This looks better outside,” in which I take items from inside the house and place them outdoors, because everything is better outside!), but hearing any news about destruction of this magnitude is never welcome, and even though I usually enjoy my fair share of destruction (I do enough of it myself) my thoughts go out to everybody involved.   I know there are many hounds out there that have been displaced from their human friends (notice that I don’t say owner, nobody owns us), and I really send my best regards in the cleaning/recouping/repairing process for everybody in the area.   I want to thank everybody that has helped in rescue/relief efforts, but if anybody can find it in their hearts to help a pooch out here is a link to a list of the animals that have suffered from this tragic event:

This week I was able to make a new friend!!  His name is Walter and he is an English Bulldog.  He usually lives with Kt’s father, but has been sent to summer camp at Kimo’s house!!  It’s great to have another floppy dog that we can add to our pack!  I’m quite certain that as the summer progresses that Walter, Kimo, and I will become the Three Amigos that are the bane to everybody’s existence.

Yesterday happened to be the highlight to my week, Kt was finally able to swing by my new pad, and she, Taylor, Grant, Burden, and all the roommates grilled out!!   Then it was finally dry enough that Taylor and Kt were able to take Kimo and myself to the dog park!  My only complaint is we had to stay away from the river area, for some reason Taylor and Kt thought it would be too muddy, and Kimo and I would make the car even messier.  I’m not sure where they have gotten the idea that I’m messy??  Well maybe I do, it could have something to do with all the drool that I fling when I shake off, the constant wet floor around my water bowl, or maybe it’s all the muddy paw tracks that are on the carpet……

That’s all I got for you this week, if you have hit the fast-forward button on reading this, first off I would say shame on you, and second go back and read the little bit about Joplin, and see if you can help all my friends in that area that have been displaced.  Until next week , I hope everybody has a great Memorial Day weekend!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

05/20/2011 the Rapture is coming.....

This is Wilbur coming at you from wet and soggy Lawrence, Kansas!!  These past few days have been full of dark clouds and rain, which has really put a damper on my walking schedule, and dog park visits.  Who is the moron that came up with the saying “April showers, brings May flowers,” because they really need to be shot.  Yes there are flowers in May, I know because I have relieved myself on quite a few, but so far we have had more rain in May than we did in April, thus rendering the phrase null and void.
I will apologize in advance, this blog might be a little short, and less pictures, because with all this rain my week has not been as eventful.  So where to start…..
This last weekend Taylor decided to go visit friends in Manhattan, to congratulate them in their graduation.  I’m not quite sure what a graduation is, or why people have to celebrate it.  I have asked Taylor several times to explain it to me, but I guess the concept of school has to make sense before I can fully understand what a graduation is.  With Taylor going to Manhattan I got the chance to spend the weekend with Jake and Cooper at my grandparent’s house!!  I did not waste any time enjoying myself, first thing I did was hijack Cooper, and we headed out for a nice three hour adventure.  I was able to see a few cows, chase some ducks, take a swim, and see a freaking llama!!  That’s right a dang llama!!  Cooper and I had a good time, only issue is we have a little bit of a dominancy issue, but soon enough he’ll learn that I’m the top dog, he’s still a pup, so for the time being he is forgiven.

Tim has switched to second shift at his job, meaning he is home during the day when everybody is usually at work.  Normally I could care less about these types of things, but this has translated into me getting let out of my kennel during the days!  Rumor is he will go back to his regular schedule very soon, but until then I will not do any complaining.
That’s all that I have for the week, I hope this rain stops sometime soon and I am able to have a more eventful week.  Until next week stay dry!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th (05/13/2011)

What is going on everybody?  This is Wilbs coming at you for my weekly blog, all about what has happened in my world.  I’ll start off with the obvious, it’s Friday the 13th, which means I gotta find a way to give Taylor the heebie-jeebies.  I have yet to accomplish this task, since I only briefly saw him right before he headed out the door for work.  So you guys have something to look forward to next week already!
After living for a few weeks in my new place I have to admit, I REALLY enjoy it.  What is making it even better are my new roommates.  Tim and Ash are pretty nice guys, and are willing to do what my last roommates never did, and that’s take care of me, and let me out of my crate when Taylor is not home.   Then to go even further, not only does Tim enjoy giving me treats, but he has been known to feed me when Taylor is not home.  Now if I can only train both of them into taking me to the dog park, and for walks.
Another great thing about the new roomies is Ash likes to play disc golf, and Taylor happens to enjoy the game as well.  This is a game I could care less about, I like the concept of throwing a disc, but really, trying  to aim at a basket, seems like a waste of time for me.  Now you might be asking yourself what is so great about Taylor and Ash playing this pointless game?  The answer is quite easy, the course is located at the dog park, so they bring me along and I get to root around and smell the smells, and enjoy myself!!
This Monday was quite an interesting walk, to put it lightly.  Taylor decided he wanted to go downtown, and while there  we came across this rather odd looking fellow.  He was searching around in his jacket looking for something, not even paying attention to Taylor or me.  We get close, and must have startled him, cuz he let out a scream, and proceeded to throw a book at me!  Honestly who throws a book??  Needless to say I decided it was time to evacuate the area, and never looked back.  Next on this very same walk we came to the Granada Theater where they were hosting Mudstomp Mondays.  This is a weekly event where local bluegrass artist come together and play whatever they like.  Being a hound I’m instantly drawn to this style of music, so we hung around for awhile, and I got the chance to bay along with some music!  Then (I know this was quite the entertaining walk) we ended up sitting outside of Henry’s on 8th, where I helped people enjoy a cup of coffee.  One of the guys hanging out there happened to have a quite epic beard growing on his face, and I have never had the pleasure of tasting a beard.  This is where I got to clarify what happened, I simply tasted his beard, it was not good, and now I know better, but don’t believe what people say when claims were made that I was trying to bit him.  The good news is this fellow was not at all upset, and figured I confused his beard for an animal; I was going to argue with him that I was just sampling, but didn’t think it was worth the argument.   Needless to say it was an eventful walk, and I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice berg as to what I can expect this summer.
Well that is all I got for you this week, I’m sure there is quite a bit more that’s going to happen next week, because it’s going  to start out with a visit to see Jake and Cooper!!  I’ll catch everybody on the flip side!!