Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011 BAAAAAAAAMMMMM IT'S THE 4th!!!

Well hello everybody!!  Thank you for stopping by my bastard blog and reading this installment!!  It’s been HOT in Lawrence, but I hear it’s hot in TooooPeeeeKaaaaaa as well……  As a result my times at the dog park have been cut short, and my time outside has been limited, but enough of me complaining, onto the blog!!

Usually I would give you an update on Tim’s landscaping adventure, but there really has not been any progress this week, so I’ll tell you about the bunnies instead.  This all started and finished with my good buddy Moose.  Now take note I was not present for any of this, but trust me, if I was there I would have done the same, and this story was passed onto me from the all knowing Kimo.  *DISCLAIMER* no bunnies were killed in this story.  It all started when Kimo found a bunny nest in the backyard, dug it up, and started a nice barking session directed towards the bunnies (even bunnies have to know who the top dog is).  Through the next few days Kt did her best to keep the nest a mystery to Moose, but on Saturday night Moose found the nest, and now that very same nest is empty…..  Kt let Moose outside Saturday evening, and upon her not coming back to the door, Kt decided to head to the backyard and see what was going on.  To her horror she found Moose with a bunny hanging out of her mouth, and through the night Moose kept finding more bunnies.  When all was said and done on Saturday night Moose had found every bunny in the nest, and Kt got the wonderful pleasure of rescuing all of them.  Now we go to Sunday, and what bunnies didn’t leave through the night, Moose once again found.  The good news is that Taylor and Kt’s friend Egypt was visiting, and agreed to take the bunny back to her place in Osage, thus adverting disaster from striking again.  That’s about all there is to the bunny story; it has earned Moose the nick name of the Bunny Slayer, but she still thinks she’s a princess……
This week has been a rough one for Kt, she has not been feeling well, and as a result Wednesday night/Thursday morning she found herself in the Emergency Room.   According to Taylor she had a sinus infection that decided to settle into her lungs, making it hard for her to breathe.  The visit to the ER did her well though; Taylor says she is feeling better, which makes me happy, because I don’t want any more delays in getting the wolf pack to the dog park!!  I will be nice and go on the record to say “get to feeling better Kt, park visits are not the same without you!!!”
Now I want to start a new segment of the Bastard Blog that I’ll update from time to time, whenever an encounter happens.  This installment will be called the Rover watch!!  Pictured below is my arch nemesis named Rover, he looks relaxed and harmless, but don’t be fooled, it’s a trap, he is anything but!!  Whenever you are not looking he’ll stick his head in your water glass, steal all the attention in the room, and swat at you with some rather sharp claws.  This week on Monday I got the chance to hang around this evil doer, I did keep a close watch on him, and as a result nothing bad happened, but I hate to think of what could of happened if I was not there……  Keep your eyes peeled for this foe, he comes off as cute and cuddly, but once again, he is NOT!!!
That’s all I got for you this week, sorry if this was cut short.  I also wanted to let everybody know that since Taylor will be in Colorado next week, he won’t have time to put my blog on the internet(lousy excuse, I know).  So I wanted to say sorry in advance.  There is a holiday around the corner, and my last photo sums everything up!!  Happy 4th everybody!!

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