Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24th, 2011

How goes it everybody?  This is Wilbur the #1 bastard in all the land, once again coming at you from the sunny Lawrence, Kansas, where the weather has been absolutely stunning the past few days!!  All last week it was hot, sticky, muggy, and lots of storms and rain.  This week has been a 180 degree flip, it’s been cooler, no humidity, and pleasant to be outside.
Like the past few weeks I’ll start out with Tim’s landscaping adventure.  It is slowly drawing to a close!!  The grass in the backyard is coming in, and the sod in the front yard is sucking up all the water Tim puts on it.  The tree that was slowly dying has been cut out, which means my backyard seems a lot bigger than it used to be!!  The only issue we have been having, (I don’t think it’s that much of an issue) is the fence where they had to drive the loader through keeps falling down with all the storms that have been coming through.  Tim keeps fixing it, but I prefer it to be on the ground, make my escaping quite a bit easier!!
With the cooler weather Taylor has been taking me downtown, and to the dog park for longer periods of time, which you don’t see me complaining about at all!!  Just yesterday Taylor and Kt took all of us (Kimo, Moose, and I) on a long walk downtown.  It was a bit rough at first, I mean I had to be the top dog and walk in front of everybody, but after a little bit of walking, and some strict words from both Kt and Taylor, we all settled down and had a nice walk!!  This walk downtown turned out to be of epic proportions!!  Most everybody we came across made a comment about the pack of dogs downtown, then every so often we had to stop, because somebody wanted to put us.  I didn’t complain about any of it, because I’m a sucker for all the attention anybody wants to give to me.  I got the chance to be the dinner entertainment for one family that was having a nice dinner outside.  I’m not sure what is so special about a bloodhound baying, but every time Taylor asked me to bay it was met with applause and laughter.  By the time it was all said and done we had quite the crowd around us, and Moose and Kimo were soaking up all the attention we brought upon ourselves. 
The trips to the dog park have been all kinds of fun this week!!  There have been so many different friends to meet out there.  I guess all this nice weather has brought out everybody from their nice comfy air conditioned houses.  On average Taylor has been letting me say there for 2-3 hours, which this hound dog will never complain about.  We did attempt to go to the North Lawrence dog park on Monday, and after being there for only 10 minutes, Taylor and Kt each received about 20 mosquito bites, so we promptly left the area, and Taylor took me to the normal park across town.
If anybody recalls from last week, I blogged about how Kimo was not feeling well.  I’m happy to say that he has made a recovery, not quite 100% but he is better, and he was able to join Moose and I on all of our adventures this week!!
That’s all I got for everybody this week.  I think this weekend I’m going to be taking it easy, and laughing at the fact that Taylor is going to be using a lot of his energy trying to push that kayak around a lake.  Until next time, take care!!

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