Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd, 2011 DA FLOOD IS COMING!!!

Hello everybody!!  This is the Wilburto coming at you from the flood lands of North Lawrence.  You heard me right, I said flood.  I’ll divulge more about this as you read on, but we might have a longer blog on our hands today, because there is quite a bit to talk about.  This bloodhound has been busy, or rather Taylor has been keeping me that way!

Where do I start on this week…..  The best place might be what is going on right now.  Tim has decided to do some landscaping in our backyard.  Now I’m not sure why he is doing this, that backyard has been a work in progress of mine for awhile.  I was just getting it looking the way it should, when Tim has this dude come in with a bobcat and he started tearing up everything.  Now I have mounds of dirt in my backyard, which I have been doing my best to dig up, and move, but when the mound is about 10’ tall, this is a chore that might take awhile.

 Remember the last blog or so when I talked about my new friend Walter?  If not, go back and read, he’s my English Bulldog friend!!  Well his summer camp has officially ended, and  Kt’s father came and picked him up this week.  It was sad to see him go, but Kt’s dad has promised to bring him back to visit from time to time.

Now for the BIG news, dun dUN DUN!!!  I want to introduce everybody to Moose!!  She is a Great Dane mix, Taylor and Kt rescued her from Emporia on Memorial Day.  She is a very sweet girl, and still a puppy, 8 months to be exact.   She is a great replacement for Walter, many of you didn’t know, but Walter’s skin allergies prevented him from ever going to the dog park, which made our visits limited to only Kimo and I.  Now that we have this young pup running around, all three of us are able to start whatever riot we want!!

Now let’s get to this flooding issue I mentioned earlier.  Yesterday Taylor and Kt decided to take all three of us to the North Lawrence dog park.  I have mentioned this one in the past, it’s where Ash and Taylor usually play disc golf, and cart me around.  We get there and the Kansas River is really high, I mean like over the banks high.  The water was rushing, and the current seemed pretty strong.  I did test this current every chance that I got, but never got to crazy, because let’s face it, if my ears get wet, not only am I really upset, but I’m done trying as well.  We splashed around the dog park for awhile, but when Kt and Taylor noticed that the water levels were rising, and even the places that should not be filled with water, were full, they decided it was time to leave.  We all know how us dogs can react when we are being pulled away from our fun, and it’s not a pleasant sight.  While walking back to the car Moose decided to test the waters a bit, and fell into the raging river!!  To her luck Kt happened to be paying close attention, and helped pull her out of the water.  It sure was a scare to us all, and even more with her being a pup, and so new to our pack.  The rest of the evening was spent in the back yard, where it was dry, and nobody was able to scare Kt and Taylor anymore.

This weekend should be fun Taylor and Kt are planning a camping trip, which means this hound gets to sleep outside!!  They are not quite sure where we are going yet, but that does not matter to me.  Welp, until next week, this is Wilbur signing out, everybody have a good week!!

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  1. Oh that looks like so much fun!!!!! I love de water! I hopin' my humans take me to de ponds after while!