Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th, 2011 Father's Day is soon

Hello everybody!!  This is the Wilburnator coming at you from the always wonderful Lawrence, Kansas!!  Sorry I didn’t write a blog last week, Taylor got me excited for a trip to Iowa, in which I spent my free time (that I usually use to write my blog) trying to find different ways that I could annoy everybody on the drive, but I’ll talk more about this later.
I first wanted to give everybody an update on the landscaping project that Tim has going on in the back yard.  It is all done for the most part, all the annoying rocks, and plants have been taken out, and new grass planted.  Now there is more room for me to run around, and I am able to continue playing the game “everything in the house looks better outdoors.”  I have also been doing some of my own landscaping on the side, digging various holes, and burying bones in the backyard.  Tim is less fond of these actions, but I think it really pulls the whole backyard together, and there is nothing better than a hounds touch!!
This last weekend I was able to take a drive to Iowa with Taylor.  He has decided to get into the sport of kayaking, and through the wonderful site of Craigslist he was able to locate a good deal on one in Des Moines.  I first wanted to state that I am a fan of Craigslist, this site is how Taylor found me, and was able to give me a new home!!  I am indifferent about this whole “kayak” thing, it did score me a free car ride to Des Moines, which was VERY long, and I was able to have maximum floppage by hanging my head out the window.  Then on the other hand, when Taylor goes to take this kayak out, I get left behind at home, because he does not trust me to run around the lake without his supervision.  Then to top it all off Taylor and Kt are going on a trip to Colorado to use these kayaks the first part of July.  I’m really not sure about this one, because that means I gotta stay at home for a week, don’t get me wrong I enjoy hanging with Tim and Ash, but c’mon we are talking about Colorado here, mountains, rivers, animals, smells, and more smells, and I’m going to be left at home.  NOT FAIR!! 
Yesterday we had a bit of a scare, the “little man” Kimo is not feeling so hot.  He has a rash which has caused him to not be able to hold down water, shiver, and be in enough pain to cry when anybody picks him up.  Kt and the vet think it could be poison ivy that he picked up from the dog park since he is so low to the ground.  She almost had to rush him to an emergency vet last night, but luckily his symptoms calmed down, and that was not needed.  It’s scary when a good friend get sick, because we don’t want to lose any numbers in our wolf-pack, to sum it up I’m trying to say get well soon Kimo!!
Welp, that’s about all that I have for everybody this week.  This weekend is father’s day, so everybody be nice to your dad.  I know I plan on giving Taylor every bit of attention I can, until he is annoyed and tells me to leave him alone!!  Have a good week, and I’ll catch everybody on the flip side!

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