Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th, 2011

Good afternoon/evening/morning (depending on when you read this) this is Wilbur coming at you for another round of my bastard blog!!  Sorry for not writing a post last week, I do have a valid excuse, which I will go into more detail about.  It’s been a great week for me with SEVERAL trips to the dog part, and a lot of special attention!!
Let me start by explaining why I was not able to make a post last week.  If you read my previous post I stated that Taylor has taken up the hobby of geocaching, well last week he thought it would be a good idea to bring me along (but when is that ever a bad idea?).  We went WAY north to find this particular cach and walked through the woods in order to locate it.  On the drive home Taylor noticed that he had some type of mite/chigger crawling all over both of his legs.  We raced home as fast as we could and Taylor took a long shower to clean himself off along with washing his clothes.  He then proceeded to do a full inspection on me to see if somehow these blasted bugs found their way to me.  I looked to have none and Taylor let out a long sigh of relief, that was until he came home the next day to see my face looking like it was hit by a bus, or you can imagine a baseball bat if you prefer.  The picture below is how I looked during the worse of it all (pretty graphic, isn’t it?).  After calling the vet, taking LOTS of Benadryl, receiving too many baths, wearing a flea/tick collar, and having some type of chemical placed down my back, I am happy to report that I am mite/chigger free!!  Last week was rough; I was feeling so miserable that writing a weekly blog was very low on my list.  Taylor wanted to complain about all his bug bites, but I think my face takes the cake on how bad this situation was, and leaves little room for Taylor to complain.  The moral of the story is if Taylor gets bugs, then the bastard I am will get bugs too.
After getting those mites/chiggers Taylor placed me on quarantine, and would not allow me around other dogs, so I got no dog park, or the chance to play with Moose or Kimo all last week.  Taylor was nice to me this week and took me out to the park three different times!!  He did have to pay a price though, because I lost my second collar in less than three months….  After being quarantined for a week, that first day at the park felt like heaven!!  I don’t think I have bayed that much in a LONG time, and I also could not think of a better way to spend my week!!
Now for some updates….  I wish I had an update on the Rover watch, but because of my mites/chiggers I have not had a chance to spy on him, so whatever sneaky plan he is evolving has gone unnoticed, which scares me to death.  The geocash that I’m supposed to hide was placed on hold of the same reason, I hope to have more information on both of these issues next week, so please don’t lose faith!!
That’s all I have for right now, I know things have gotten busy in Lawrence again because it seems summer is over and the school has started, which means there will be more people downtown to pet me when we go on walks!!  Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch everybody next time!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12th, 2011

Howdy everybody!!  This is the one and only bastard in the land Wilbur coming at you for another round of my bastard blog!!  Sorry for not doing a post the last few weeks, but to be honest I had NOTHING to blog about.  It’s been so hot around here that I have not really got the chance to do much of anything but hang around the house, and pancake myself on the tile floors.  Enough about me complaining about the weather, we must push onward to the new post!!
I am going to start with the most exciting news first!!  As you can tell Taylor and Kt are big dog fans, I mean they have both put up with me for awhile now, and then putting up with Moose, well let’s just say they both have a world of patience.  If Moose, Kimo, and I were not enough trouble, they decided to foster yet another dog!!  His name is Reggie, he is about 8 months old, and is a Boston Terrier mix.  He was living in the not so best of situations, when he came home he had fleas, was completely untrained, and was scared of almost everything.  As soon as they got him home Taylor and Kt fixed the flea problem, and have been working on socialization, and training.  From what I can tell Reggie has come a long way, he’s better behaved, has NO fleas, and is doing extremely well on his training.  I’m not going to lie, I’m always a bit cautious when it comes to a new dog entering our pack, but this guy fit right in!!  The good news is only a few days after fostering Reggie they were able to find him a home!!  He is now living the rock star life with one of the band members of The Dead Girls!!  He’s a lot of fun, and as much as I wish he could stay with us, I even more relived that he found great home!!   The good news is due to prior arrangements his new owner is going to be gone for the weekend, which means that Taylor and Kt are going to be watching Reggie all weekend, can we say play time!!!
Now I have got to update you on the Rover watch, and what that crazy cat is up to.  I found out some information that will shock everybody…..  Rover is set on world domination, and as we speak he is working with an underground organization that’s main goal is to wipe the earth of any dog.  Just look at that picture, he is watching me like a hawk.  I’m not sure the name, or how big this group is, but what is clear is that there is a large amount of trouble brewing….  As I find out more facts I’ll keep everybody informed!!
Taylor has always wanted to take up the hobby of Geocaching , and ended up going out last night for the first time.  I’m not sure if everybody knows what that is, but as Taylor has described it to me, it’s like a big scavenger hunt, just like Taylor does every so often when he has to go find all my toys I have hidden scattered through the yard.   If you want more info on this feel free to click here, which will take you to the geocaching website.  I’m a bit upset at Taylor though, last night when he went out, he left me at home.  I thought my nose would be good for finding things, but I guess Taylor thought different.  I would hold a grudge, except Taylor has made a promise to me which I’m really excited about!!  He has decided to let me put my very own cach at the dog park!!  He’s going to let me pick the location and everything!!  So keep an eye out for Wilbur’s Bastard Catch, I’ll make sure to blog about it, but also in the very near future you will be able to find it on the geocaching website!!  Stay posted for more info!!
I really wish I had more to blog about, but these 100+ degree days have really limited the amount of activities that I have been able to do.  We have been keeping the pool parties going, and lots of wrestling in the backyard, but the dog park and walks downtown have been halted.  Taylor has informed me that the weather is supposed to be cooler for the next week, and has promised me several trips to the dog park, and even more walks downtown!!  Until next time try to stay cool everybody!!
P.S. I think this  picture sums up how everybody feels when you have a bad day…..