Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey everybody, Wilbur here, sorry for the lack of a blog last week, I have been really busy getting ready for a move, and helping out Taylor, because he thinks I care…..
The past two weeks have been really nuts on the home front.  Before I get too much into what I have been doing lately, let me explain what is going on.  Taylor informed me I am not moving in with Kimo, he said it had something to do with him and Kt no longer being together.  Which really confuses me, but then again I’m not a human and really don’t understand emotions, so I just do my best to make sure Taylor is always focused on me when he is home. 
So that being said Taylor has been looking for a new place for us to live.  I refuse to assist with this process, mainly because Taylor does not allow me internet, or phone access, unless I’m writing on my blog here.  The good news is a new home has been found!  In fact Taylor was nice enough to take me there last weekend to make sure I approved of the place.  We have gained a few new roommates Tim, and Ash.  Tim gave me a treat when I first met him, so he is good in my book, and Ash works at a restaurant, and as long as he brings me leftovers I’ll allow him.  One of the most important parts of this home search is having the house pass my strict approval process.  So after looking it over, it had a backyard, and it was close to a dog park, so I decided to give it my seal of approval. 
The past few days Taylor has been taking me to the dog park quite a bit.  He said that the moving process is going to be boring for me, a lot of waiting for him to come back home, and staying out of the way.  I’m not looking forward to this, but as long as these dog park visits keep happening, I am not going to complain much. 
That’s all I got for the time being, I know I’ll have quite a bit more to talk about once this move is done and over, and I’m exploring my new back yard!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post #3 04/14/2011

Hey everybody, Wilbs here for another installment of my bastard blog.   I wanna thank everybody who has read all the previous post, it’s a tough job being a Bloodhound, and even a tougher job being the bane of Taylor and Kt’s existence, but somebody has gotta do it…..
Up first on my agenda is an update on the “hole” situation.  Taylor and Kt thought they could keep me restrained to the back yard, but if you recall from the last blog, I told you I had some tricks up my nonexistent sleeves….  It has been thought that you need thumbs to open doors or gates, but that assumption is completely wrong, all you need is a brain and paws, cuz all I had to do was open the gate, and my escape was made.  Of course Taylor was not happy with this new “trick” I learned, and immediately got bungee straps and now the gate is permanently closed.  But when Taylor was at the store buying the straps he got me a lovely ball; so what I lost an escape point, I gained a toy, so I think in the end I’m still the winner!!

Some good news is that Taylor finally quit his second job!  This means that the long days in a kennel, are over!!  I know the second job money could be used on me, but I don’t think I would trade this extra attention for anything.  I am just about ready to move and I’ll be receiving much more attention than I already get.  I guess this is a positive side to living with students, ( Kt and Nick) because I’ll be getting let outside a lot more, be able to roam the house more, and not be stuck in that kennel until Taylor comes home from work.  I don’t think I told you about Nick yet, he’s a good guy, from what I can tell, I mean he pets me, and puts up with me, and is over at Taylor’s several times a week, now if I could only get him to start giving me food…..  Everything is coming together rather nicely though, this weekend I have been informed that Taylor, Kt, and Nick will possibly painting the new house, which gives me a new goal of things to destroy!
Yesterday was the best day of my week because Taylor, Kt, and Nick took Kimo and me to the dog park!!  We gotta run outside for about two hours.  Taylor and Kt were always skeptical as if I could swim or not, I showed them that I could in fact swim, but prefer not to.  There were all kinds of smells, things for me to bark out, Kimo and I found this mud pit and jumped in, as a result we had to get somewhat of a bath in the river.  Along the way we were able to make friends with Walter an Old English Sheep Dog!  Walter informed me that his best friend was also a Bloodhound, which made me respect and like the guy right away.  Taylor and Kt have been promising that with the nicer weather, and them wanting to get into better shape that these trips to the dog park are going to start being more frequent, which this hound won’t complain about!!
Well that is my week in a nut shell, I really should not use that term because since I am neutered, I kind of have my own nut shell……  Hope everybody has a good week, see ya next time!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

04/01/2011 my second post!

Hey ya’ll Wilbur here, I believe ya’ll is the word I’m supposed to be using, I mean I’m a hound so I don’t care either way, because I’m always right in my own mind, and that’s all that matters.   April has finally rolled in, and so has the green.  My backyard has been getting lush, there are lots of sticks, and even better Taylor and Kt have been firing up the grill!
This warmer weather means that Taylor has been letting me hang out in my backyard for longer periods of time.  We also had our first “major” thunderstorm of the season!  Here in Lawrence we didn’t get much, aside from some hail, which had a better taste than the ice that Taylor feeds me.  I hear that my grandparents in Topeka got hit a bit harder than we did, but Jake and Cooper are just fine. 
All this hanging out in the backyard reminds me, I need to give you an update on the “hole” situation.  It’s still plugged, I have been trying to get out, but it seems Taylor and Kt’s remedy is still standing up.  I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, though I don’t wear sleeves, but I still have tricks. 
Now for the big news!!  Last night Taylor informed me that we will be moving, for sure, and I’ll be in my new house by 05/01.  He also went on about how much of a pain I was, because finding somebody that would let me live in their house was a stretch.  Regardless I didn’t have to make a single effort for this move to happen.  So let the countdown begin,  23 more days till I am living with Kimo, 23 days till I have a new house to shark, and 23 days till I have new roommates to annoy!!
Kt has been feeling “under the weather,” at least that’s how she explains it.  I do not quite understand the phrase, I think we are all under the weather, well at lest the sky.  I think she is referring to feeling sick, the same feeling I get when I come in from outside and there is a head of cabbage in my food bowl.....  So I will leave you with this wonderful picture of myself, because this is exactly what Kt needs to be doing right now.