Thursday, April 7, 2011

04/01/2011 my second post!

Hey ya’ll Wilbur here, I believe ya’ll is the word I’m supposed to be using, I mean I’m a hound so I don’t care either way, because I’m always right in my own mind, and that’s all that matters.   April has finally rolled in, and so has the green.  My backyard has been getting lush, there are lots of sticks, and even better Taylor and Kt have been firing up the grill!
This warmer weather means that Taylor has been letting me hang out in my backyard for longer periods of time.  We also had our first “major” thunderstorm of the season!  Here in Lawrence we didn’t get much, aside from some hail, which had a better taste than the ice that Taylor feeds me.  I hear that my grandparents in Topeka got hit a bit harder than we did, but Jake and Cooper are just fine. 
All this hanging out in the backyard reminds me, I need to give you an update on the “hole” situation.  It’s still plugged, I have been trying to get out, but it seems Taylor and Kt’s remedy is still standing up.  I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, though I don’t wear sleeves, but I still have tricks. 
Now for the big news!!  Last night Taylor informed me that we will be moving, for sure, and I’ll be in my new house by 05/01.  He also went on about how much of a pain I was, because finding somebody that would let me live in their house was a stretch.  Regardless I didn’t have to make a single effort for this move to happen.  So let the countdown begin,  23 more days till I am living with Kimo, 23 days till I have a new house to shark, and 23 days till I have new roommates to annoy!!
Kt has been feeling “under the weather,” at least that’s how she explains it.  I do not quite understand the phrase, I think we are all under the weather, well at lest the sky.  I think she is referring to feeling sick, the same feeling I get when I come in from outside and there is a head of cabbage in my food bowl.....  So I will leave you with this wonderful picture of myself, because this is exactly what Kt needs to be doing right now.

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