Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27th, 2011

Good afternoon/evening/morning (depending on when you read this) to everybody!  This is Wilbur coming at you for my weekly blog, in which I inform everybody about how my week has been. 
I’ll start off with the weather, and just how much it’s irking me off.  All these storms have been cramping my plans of going for walks, and visits to the dog park.  Even today it’s raining, or at least it looks like it could start at any minute.  So I’ll go ahead and apologize in advanced because this is another blog that might be short and boring.  Also I’ll apologize for all the photos of me sleeping, but what else is a hound to do when it’s raining and nasty out?
I want to express my concerns and sorrows for all the people in the Joplin area that went through that tragic tornado last weekend.  Though I love Mother Nature (in fact the new game I have been playing with Tim is called “This looks better outside,” in which I take items from inside the house and place them outdoors, because everything is better outside!), but hearing any news about destruction of this magnitude is never welcome, and even though I usually enjoy my fair share of destruction (I do enough of it myself) my thoughts go out to everybody involved.   I know there are many hounds out there that have been displaced from their human friends (notice that I don’t say owner, nobody owns us), and I really send my best regards in the cleaning/recouping/repairing process for everybody in the area.   I want to thank everybody that has helped in rescue/relief efforts, but if anybody can find it in their hearts to help a pooch out here is a link to a list of the animals that have suffered from this tragic event:

This week I was able to make a new friend!!  His name is Walter and he is an English Bulldog.  He usually lives with Kt’s father, but has been sent to summer camp at Kimo’s house!!  It’s great to have another floppy dog that we can add to our pack!  I’m quite certain that as the summer progresses that Walter, Kimo, and I will become the Three Amigos that are the bane to everybody’s existence.

Yesterday happened to be the highlight to my week, Kt was finally able to swing by my new pad, and she, Taylor, Grant, Burden, and all the roommates grilled out!!   Then it was finally dry enough that Taylor and Kt were able to take Kimo and myself to the dog park!  My only complaint is we had to stay away from the river area, for some reason Taylor and Kt thought it would be too muddy, and Kimo and I would make the car even messier.  I’m not sure where they have gotten the idea that I’m messy??  Well maybe I do, it could have something to do with all the drool that I fling when I shake off, the constant wet floor around my water bowl, or maybe it’s all the muddy paw tracks that are on the carpet……

That’s all I got for you this week, if you have hit the fast-forward button on reading this, first off I would say shame on you, and second go back and read the little bit about Joplin, and see if you can help all my friends in that area that have been displaced.  Until next week , I hope everybody has a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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