Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th (05/13/2011)

What is going on everybody?  This is Wilbs coming at you for my weekly blog, all about what has happened in my world.  I’ll start off with the obvious, it’s Friday the 13th, which means I gotta find a way to give Taylor the heebie-jeebies.  I have yet to accomplish this task, since I only briefly saw him right before he headed out the door for work.  So you guys have something to look forward to next week already!
After living for a few weeks in my new place I have to admit, I REALLY enjoy it.  What is making it even better are my new roommates.  Tim and Ash are pretty nice guys, and are willing to do what my last roommates never did, and that’s take care of me, and let me out of my crate when Taylor is not home.   Then to go even further, not only does Tim enjoy giving me treats, but he has been known to feed me when Taylor is not home.  Now if I can only train both of them into taking me to the dog park, and for walks.
Another great thing about the new roomies is Ash likes to play disc golf, and Taylor happens to enjoy the game as well.  This is a game I could care less about, I like the concept of throwing a disc, but really, trying  to aim at a basket, seems like a waste of time for me.  Now you might be asking yourself what is so great about Taylor and Ash playing this pointless game?  The answer is quite easy, the course is located at the dog park, so they bring me along and I get to root around and smell the smells, and enjoy myself!!
This Monday was quite an interesting walk, to put it lightly.  Taylor decided he wanted to go downtown, and while there  we came across this rather odd looking fellow.  He was searching around in his jacket looking for something, not even paying attention to Taylor or me.  We get close, and must have startled him, cuz he let out a scream, and proceeded to throw a book at me!  Honestly who throws a book??  Needless to say I decided it was time to evacuate the area, and never looked back.  Next on this very same walk we came to the Granada Theater where they were hosting Mudstomp Mondays.  This is a weekly event where local bluegrass artist come together and play whatever they like.  Being a hound I’m instantly drawn to this style of music, so we hung around for awhile, and I got the chance to bay along with some music!  Then (I know this was quite the entertaining walk) we ended up sitting outside of Henry’s on 8th, where I helped people enjoy a cup of coffee.  One of the guys hanging out there happened to have a quite epic beard growing on his face, and I have never had the pleasure of tasting a beard.  This is where I got to clarify what happened, I simply tasted his beard, it was not good, and now I know better, but don’t believe what people say when claims were made that I was trying to bit him.  The good news is this fellow was not at all upset, and figured I confused his beard for an animal; I was going to argue with him that I was just sampling, but didn’t think it was worth the argument.   Needless to say it was an eventful walk, and I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice berg as to what I can expect this summer.
Well that is all I got for you this week, I’m sure there is quite a bit more that’s going to happen next week, because it’s going  to start out with a visit to see Jake and Cooper!!  I’ll catch everybody on the flip side!!

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