Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo (05/05/2011)

What’s happening everybody?  Wilbur here again, finally found the time to sit down and do my weekly blog update.  The life of a hound is busy, and between watching the squirrels, baying, and being a bastard, finding time to write this can be taxing.  But people got to know what I have been up to, so alas the blog must go on!!
This week has been very busy, and has also been a lot of new experiences.  My human (he believes he owns me) Taylor has been in the process of moving.  It’s a slow process, but good thing I’m a light packer, he was able to bring all my things over the first day, and since then I have been attempting to help him by keeping his bed warm as much as I am able to.
I will be the first to say that I have become a fan of my new place!!  Tim and Ash are pretty swell guys, and let me out of the kennel every chance they get.  Of course I did have to show each of them, on different occasions, how much of a bastard I can be….  While under the supervision of Tim I was able to escape a few nights ago.  Tim called Taylor, who informed him that I probably didn’t go too far, in which he was right, Tim located me in no time.  Now we go to the Ash story….  He let me out, and I escaped from the unlocked gate.  The story gets better because Ash got animal control involved, and was stressing because he thought he lost his new roommates dog (still with this ownership stuff, Taylor has everybody brainwashed into the idea that he owns me).  Ash looked for over an hour to find me, just when he gave up, and went home; there I was waiting on him.  So with this I say welcome to my world Tim and Ash, and expect many more experiences where you want to call me a bastard!!
Now let me try to list all the new things for the week.  I got a new room, though I sleep in the same place, at the foot of Taylor’s bed, it is a little bigger.   My kennel is now facing not one, but two windows!!  Tim is nice enough to keep a bird feeder in the back yard, right outside the door, where I am able to watch the squirrels, and birds!  I was also introduced to a new dog park, which is really close to where I now live!!  The only downfall is I’m usually the only dog there, and my old one is always filled with lots of canines to meet.  I met a new friend who I was told would be visiting from time to time, her name is Burden, or maybe it’s Birden, I’m not sure of the spelling there.   She is a Burmese Mountain Dog, we did get the chance to play in my new back yard, and so far we have got along great! 
The last two days Taylor has felt bad about me not getting enough attention because of the move, so I was treated with trips to the dog park!  Not only the new one, but also my old one out by Clinton Lake!  After getting to run wherever I wanted, and baying the whole time, I can say that last night I was for once worn out. 
Well that’s me week wrapped up into a few paragraphs!  Make sure you check back next week for updates about how I was able to be the loving bastards in everybody’s life!

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