Friday, May 20, 2011

05/20/2011 the Rapture is coming.....

This is Wilbur coming at you from wet and soggy Lawrence, Kansas!!  These past few days have been full of dark clouds and rain, which has really put a damper on my walking schedule, and dog park visits.  Who is the moron that came up with the saying “April showers, brings May flowers,” because they really need to be shot.  Yes there are flowers in May, I know because I have relieved myself on quite a few, but so far we have had more rain in May than we did in April, thus rendering the phrase null and void.
I will apologize in advance, this blog might be a little short, and less pictures, because with all this rain my week has not been as eventful.  So where to start…..
This last weekend Taylor decided to go visit friends in Manhattan, to congratulate them in their graduation.  I’m not quite sure what a graduation is, or why people have to celebrate it.  I have asked Taylor several times to explain it to me, but I guess the concept of school has to make sense before I can fully understand what a graduation is.  With Taylor going to Manhattan I got the chance to spend the weekend with Jake and Cooper at my grandparent’s house!!  I did not waste any time enjoying myself, first thing I did was hijack Cooper, and we headed out for a nice three hour adventure.  I was able to see a few cows, chase some ducks, take a swim, and see a freaking llama!!  That’s right a dang llama!!  Cooper and I had a good time, only issue is we have a little bit of a dominancy issue, but soon enough he’ll learn that I’m the top dog, he’s still a pup, so for the time being he is forgiven.

Tim has switched to second shift at his job, meaning he is home during the day when everybody is usually at work.  Normally I could care less about these types of things, but this has translated into me getting let out of my kennel during the days!  Rumor is he will go back to his regular schedule very soon, but until then I will not do any complaining.
That’s all that I have for the week, I hope this rain stops sometime soon and I am able to have a more eventful week.  Until next week stay dry!!

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