Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011 It's $#^*ing HOT!!

This is Wilbes coming at you from the hotter than hell (literally) steam pot known as the Midwest.  Boy it’s been awhile since I posted, sorry to keep everybody waiting so long….  This vacation thing that Taylor took last week really screwed up my posting schedule, and as a result I missed two weeks in a row.  I know I’m a terrible blogger, but hey I was on a vacation of my own at the time, so don’t be hating….
Where to start with everything??  There has been quite a bit that has happened in the two weeks since I last clued anybody in on my daily adventures.  First I gotta comment on the picture above, that’s my car, or correction Taylor’s car (still with this ownership issue) stuck on the side of a mountain.  He said that he was looking for a lake to kayak in when he got stuck, I’m not sure if I buy this excuse, but what it all boils down to is the fact bad things will happen when you leave me to go on vacation!!
Enough about Taylor’s vacation though, mountains so what…..  I spent the whole week with the grandparents, which if you are not aware sits on 5 acres and is located in the boonies!!  I was able to play with Jake and Cooper nonstop, and learned a few new “tricks” as grandma puts it.  If you don’t know Jake and Cooper are both Labs which means they love to swim.  I have a love/hate relationship with swimming, it’s all gravy until my ears get wet, then I’m over it.  Well these jolly chaps (Jake and Cooper) were able to teach me the art of swimming, and that just because my ears are in the water does not mean the earth is coming to an end.  I also learned the art of using the squeakers provided in the dog toys that we had to play with.  I plan on using this ne ability to annoy Taylor as much as possible!!  I can’t complain too much about my vacation, I was fed, got lots of exercise, and was able to add new talents to my arsenal of already amazingness.
The current week has had its ups and downs; this nasty heat wave has been a HUGE downer.  It has been the direct result to NO dog park visits, and only late night walks downtown.  Now before you go cursing Taylor and talking about how bad he is to me and how I get no exercise, we have made up for the lack of park visits with pool parties at Kt’s!!!  Kimo, Moose, and I have been enjoying the shade in the back yard and resting and playing in the pool.  On a few occasions there has been some more friends join us for an all out dog pool party!!  I can’t think of a better way to beat this heat!! 
Now for an update on the Rover watch, I have been watching that sneaky bastard!!  He thinks he has everybody fooled, but I can see right through him, like a crazy person wearing saran wrap, he’s nuts….  Every time I visit Kt’s house he’s always sitting there on the back of the couch, but I know he is waiting for the moment, to pounce on me, because I know once I’m out of the way there is little stopping him for total and complete world domination.
Well that is my last few weeks summed up in a few paragraphs; let me see if I covered everything, vacation, pool parties, and Rover.  Yep that’s a wrap!!  Hope everybody is keeping cool during these dog days of summer, and don’t hound me about using this phrase, I’m a dog, and I know exactly what it means.  Everybody take care until next week!!

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