Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 It's FALL!!!!

Hey ya’ll this is the Wilbur man coming at you in all my bastardness!!  Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I have been busy, Taylor has been busy, but I think you can replace “busy” with lazy and that might sum it up better…..  Don’t lose hope though, because fall is finally here and these hot days should be gone for a little bit!!
This week Taylor surprised me with a new collar!!  He has been talking about getting me one of those air collars for a long time, and he finally broke down and purchased it for me.  I have been instructed that I am not to lose this collar, like I have done with the others….
Another development is brewing, through taking me to the dog park Taylor was able to be hooked up with a local brewing organization, and he is going to try his hands at making his own beer.  It all sounds exciting, only problem is I have no desire to drink any beer, and could care less.  This entire beer making ordeal is going to take time away from hanging out with me, which I am not cool with, but in the end maybe it will bring more friends over to the house, and more people for me to show off how good of a bastard I am!!!
So I touched on this above a little bit but today marks the first day of Autumn, which is much deserved after this summer took after me, and was a real bastard……  The cooler is much welcomed though; I have been able to go to the dog park for a longer period of time, and more often!!  At this point I would like to reflect on my summer.  It’s been a fun one!!  Got to make several different friends, Burden, Moose, Tucker, Liberty, April, Sansa, and countless other dogs at the park!!  I also learned a valuable life lesson, I know how to swim!!  Except the art of jumping off the dock like Jake and Cooper is a skill I do not posses….  I tried, and sunk like a rock, and then everybody laughed at me…..  This summer I got to spend a whole week at grandma and grandpa’s house while Taylor was in Colorado, and had a lot of fun with Jake (Mr. Wigglebottom) and Cooper (Stinker pot)!!  I also got to take a long ride to Des Moines for Taylor to pick up that kayak, and remember all the fun of the pool parties!!
That’s all I got for the day.  Once again sorry for the long delay, I promise to make more post, and not leave you guys hanging.  Until next time, this is Wilbur signing off and saying goodbye (in the AOL voice).

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